FAB fabulous

Body Language

FAB fabulous
London, 2015
FAB offers, a visual expedition in a transcendence of a gender performances, building up a stage without spectators, during one eternal identity ritual in a daily routine. Coolness and masquerade, as well as a vulnerability showing the indifference and their play of possibilities to switch into another body.  This enchanting visual narrative, filled with curiosity is filmed in London kitchen, neon, moon and flashlights, frozen for all eternity happening in real time. Clashed in a withdrawal of their own solitude, dancing into a solitude and a camera’s frame, yearning for the outside world and hoping for escape. The interwoven questions are flying unspoken in a composed still life atmosphere, of a pale soberly privacy and fading out the conflicts of social narrowness – Against this backdrop this ceremony of transformation acts surprisingly sensually. The issue of gender identity has nearly nowadays become a mainstream topic. Obviously, if gender is taken as the same as sex, then gender would be an objective feature of reality and not subject to change merely by a change in labelling. Subtle and controlled erotic exude their imaginations swinging slowly through the nocturnal phantasy. Unveiled through the aesthetics to encourage the viewers to raise their own questions. Employing a pictorial language that unfolds slowly. There is the moral question about whether or not others are morally required to accept such gender self-identification. These young boys / girls, vanish into a reincarnation, banished undeservingly to a mysterious cocoon as urban modern birds. This emotional alienation of the individual force and an excellent metaphor for contemporary longing. Ready to fly off.