Gender & Dao

Female Wisdom

Gender & Dao
Taipei, 2015
Our perception of the world is a world of change, of motion and transience. What is needed at this point seems to be a renewed interest in humanity, culture and Identity.  Discussions of the nature of time, and of various issues related to time, have always featured prominently in philosophy. The relationship between nature and technology, language and body have changed so significantly, that worries are justified to whether modern society is cutting its connection to nature, its umbilical, so to speak. How can we even imagine a world without the passage of time? Even though no moment is privileged, at any given moment we are convinced by our experience, and by that moment’s memories and anticipations, that the time is now. Consciousness of change and the passage of time are irreducible, inescapable.

Especially Asian philosophical traditions, establishing harmony as their pivotal focal point, may serve as a vital source for reassuring the needed bond between modern man and its habitat.  The main philosophical topics were heavily influenced by the ideas of important figures like Laozi and Confucius, who all lived during the second half of the Zhou dynasty. Gender issues always play an important role in the history of Chinese thought. Many thinkers theorized about the significance of gender in a variety of areas. The precondition for this discussion is an interpretation of Xing, “nature” or “tendencies”. The concept of gender & Dao is foundational to the general approach of Asian thinkers. Yin and yang, core elements of Chinese cosmogony, involve correlative aspects of “dark and light,” “female and male,” and “soft and hard.” The genders, in terms of social roles, are not defined absolutely.

Theoretically, the social order of gender in Chinese thought is formed widespread on the concepts of the heavens and earth and yin and yang. These notions, with their deeply rooted gender connotations, recognize the necessity of interplay between these different forces in generating and carrying forward the world. These concepts continue to shape contemporary Chinese thought, as well.   Seized the situation of the invisibility of female wisdom. My protagonists are all female  philosophy students, who allows space for feminist consciousness and discourse. As this gender cosmology then largely replaced more dynamic views of gender roles echoed throughout the culture. Trying to attempt to scrutinize the relevance of the historical philosophic tradition of Daoism in a modern society, concentrates especially on female contributions the main goal of this project is to increase the women’s self-confidence, strengthen their body image and encourage them to release their inhibitions. Spreading out profession and highest hopes.