Living Memory


‘Where am I? Where do we go?’

Winning project of ‘Stand Together and Go Virtual’, supported by the German Embassy London and the Goethe-Institut London. Curated by Jana Riedel and Matthew Shaul

Living Memory is part of Migration: a public history festival, a series of lectures, exhibitions, workshops and walks around London, supported by the Raphael Samuel History Centre.
The exhibition will be shown alongside the Wiener Library’s Holocaust Letters exhibition.//June 23 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

As the Holocaust slips slowly from living memory amid the most profound dislocation the world has experienced since the 1930s, German artist Catrine Val has created a series of unique photographic portraits with Holocaust survivors and those whose parents arrived as part of the ‘Kindertransport’, as well as of Jewish families from all over the world who have made London their home. Seeking context and greater understanding of her own Jewish heritage, Val has captured the diverse voices of a community that, after many years in the UK, is still engaging with questions around identity and belonging. These extraordinary portraits also tell the stories of people coping with a resurgence in anti- Semitism, the disruptions of Brexit and COVID-19. The project presents an ideal opportunity to remember a time when Britain took a position of unimpeachable moral leadership in the world and unquestioningly welcomed those fleeing persecution.



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