Catrine Val
The female wisdom

manoeuvre | so far / SO CLOSE


manoeuvre | so far / SO CLOSE
For this project I try to explore once more the role of women within a system – this time from the perspective of a post-socialist structure and its far-reaching consequences from the history into the present. Nowadays exist an incredibly high number of involuntary abortion, some kind of wedding market. German males are always welcome. From childhood on, girls grown up with planning to immigrate to compose a new outward directed, life script. Walking through this fragile urban winter scenes ,where I found these women randomly.

The exploration of authenticity, done by enactment of different characters and role reversal, is a pivotal part of the idea. Every woman that poses in front of the camera, discloses much more than what is actually seen on the picture, as the staging creates its own reality. This approach tries to expose the codes of power formation for this social status, but defines the view on the person’s identity as a whole. Different roles embodied in daily life. The identity.