Performance Art

Feminist artists often point to the ideology of consumption, fuelled by mass media, to highlight the objectification of women’s bodies and the selves. In the age of  eternal youthfulness and  every day is falling into stereotype, nurtures desires in terms of  youth  in a constant smile.It is precisely in a time of crisis, that the appraisal of unbroken beauty is held constant. What is nourished with this artificial  Lifestyle in a overloaded world of floating images?

Now not only through the #metoo debate, the Internet and social media,  female  voices have to be heard. The yearning for beauty, that for some is the hope of better times to come, and for others an aesthetic resistance against a barren and inhospitable world.The awareness of  visual consumption of women’s bodies and political debates over how to control them has only grown in the age of the internet, under their own, female control. It shines through.

Besides fashion itself, models and designers stand as the most important protagonists within the systems of the Fashion World. A core mode of operation reveals itself exactly in these human players. Fashion designers use their models like avatars and compose with the malleability of their young frames. My Work  is most definitely not merely a  post-feminist self-adulation set in a private microcosm; rather, it functions entirely in line with Jean-Paul Sartre’s assertion that man is condemned to be free and has to reinvent himself as a human being every day. Playing to be one of them.

Could feminism’s core politics endure this kind of rebranding? Today in times of hunger for information’s with one easy access to knowledge, undeniably, the media, particularly visual media and the power of the  internet—has fuelled the revival of feminism’s core issues. These changes reflect the complexity of difference and identity formation, a shift that has been fuelled by scholarly work in the areas of, gender studies, critical race theory, and feminist studies. Still in practise the female gaze is juxtaposed with the dominant male gaze which objectifies the female body and defines the position of the woman as passive. What issues have women artists chosen to address?

This  project  will include the recreation of the iconic George Michael video “Freedom” from 1990. I will be free enough to re-enact joyfully as close as possible all these  first “supermodels”  in one person, like you see here in this  Versace adaptation.
I will pretend not only to sing “Freedom” also slipping  into all of these  moves and roles of  Linda Evangelista ,Naomi Campbell or Tatjana Patitz-  20 years older with my one body in the 40ties . Please, bear with mepatienc, since it takes a  bit of time:  I will start immediately after my adventure in and with China.The endless reproduction of woman and her edgy efforts to present herself a new daily unmask the battle for supremacy between authenticity and theatricality keeps me reacting/acting. She moves in utopian realms, but she sometimes also reaches for the Stars.