Discourse on Happiness

Performance Art

Intimate Distance. I dream of silence
2016- 2018
We live in a digital age in which the mobile phone has become our second nature. The intimate and the public are strangely mingled in a smartphone where light-footed the cultural boundaries are overlapped. There are so many sensible ways of seeing the world and humans’ place in it. They are  modes of lawmaking that inscribe ideal visions on the earth itself. Each has shaped landscapes that make its vision of nature real.The spiritual life asking for a humble articulation—meditation on solitude wants embodiment in language or in memories. Nature no longer exists apart from humanity. The geological strata we are now creating record industrial emissions. Climate change is planetary engineering without design . These  photographs have been taken elsewhere poetically, and informs  out the backdrop of my dreams. These visions  grasped and comprehended in fragments. Rising with the infinite complexities of the now  and that the irreplaceable element of time,to celebrate the moment. Where nothing is pure, we must create ways to rally devotion to a damaged and ever-changing world. This involves much more than a pure play area, along the glass surface of our device. This immediacy of comfort, every cry for help leads to a digital hugand a provide salvation.