TALK TO ME, 2016
The title is inspired by a namesake poem by Nasala Chitrakar, a young Nepali poet. Brought up as digital native, she intends to break out of her cultural limitations, a common theme in the global rebellion of the emerging generation. In the film  twov ibrant microcosms of parallel worlds are interwoven: the shimmering ostensible world of fashion and bold spoken word poetry. With ‘TALK TO ME’ these disciplines can be seen complimenting and enriching one another, capturing divergent inspirations and synergies contained within the spectrum of inner and outer identities of females.
The movie ‘TALK TO ME’ containing 5 chapters of different poetess and navigates  the terrain of performance  both through local Nepalese  modern showplaces and my own narrative interpretation of their words as a  power tool. The diversity of each female persona belies in the ambitious processes of one personal female issue in a complexity of a daily life and a strong will. There is an invisible point of tangency between seemingly unrelated words, sound and dance moves. Here the connecting link between these parallel worlds are the dance vibes of  the Nepali Kathak dancer Subima Shrestha, her traditional moves are like pearls and combine poetry with the iridescent surface. The vast spectrum of investigate the connection between performance and reality lies in the strengths of including many perspectives.

Domestic violence against women exists also in the highly educated families, cutting across boundaries of culture, class, education, income, ethnicity and age. The topic of taking the female gender as a main act into poem , all poets break out taboos and introduce the spectator to their own intimacy in a very powerful and self-confident way, substitutionary in  a new noble  and proudly angle of femininity. All my protagonists reared up against any kind of restrictions and working in such a stunning way against all limitations.

The topic of being a “ girl” by including as a matter of course, male protagonists. Every human being has both masculine and feminine parts to themselves and the integration of both these parts lead to wellbeing, balance and creativity. In all passions of the human soul my male Protagonists provide a connection between the female and male side – as the  fusion of opposites can be a goal of the union bonding the  inner and outer wisdom – logic and reason- into a flourishing  kind of harmony. In each scene, male protagonist wear my own everyday clothes, slip into tidy skirts or a pink pantsuit, merge with the plot without questioned or obtrusive the gender issues  or stereotypes. Exploring a new angle of social skill staging within urban fragile environments not only literally under construction, surrounding geographical and social spaces. Gender views may change, while being male or female doesn’t. The conclusion will point in the direction of what can be done to render male  perspective more palatable to synergies and collaborations . My longstanding interest in female issue and the searching of identity extends to social media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram, where alternative versions of the self can quickly appear, this persona-play and investigates the way individuality is reassembled through the lens and can be seen as a timely poem that focuses on not only gender aspects.