Asphyxia. Pioneers of the Heart

Performance Art

Asphyxia. Pioneers of the Heart
With over 7 billion people in the world, we all have one thing in common. Every day we all get dressed. It’s the tension between fantasy (or the world as you would like it to look) and reality, that is the essence of fashion. In light of current events, fashion will never be the same again. Asphyxia examines through the eyes of a young generation of female fashion designers the oldest democracy of the world, the United Kingdom.

Only a few junctions from London‘s high Fashion spotlights is Luton School of Art and Design Department – at the University of Bedfordshire, a cocoon of creativity. All are welcomed if they have the talent, desire and persistence to become part of the Fashion industry. The college provides students with the necessary support to help them achieve their dreams visions and ambitions.  Rather than producing homogenized graduates the students are encouraged to bring their life experience to the table with all its cultural and intellectual diversity.

Pretend it‘s a dream
Brexit divided the population sharply along all age and cultural lines, and the division hasn’t healed. Anxiety of not having stability in their future is very present. For months, I accompanied these women, on their way to their final fashion design degree show. New hopes come up as they are all the first women in their families, who have entered higher education. They represent a new generation of rebel.

Garments have the power to become an expression of our unique identity, and we should wear what we want, play with being different, showing difference, different is a powerful tool.
Asphyxia is their cacophony of cultures, ideas, thoughts and beliefs brought together through their creative play with a purpose that defines themselves and their future world view, with an energy, talent and passion, to help create a better world. Fashion can let us literally wear our courage on our sleeves. Wear it because it matters. And wear it because you matter.